Doha College Model United Nations Club (DCMUN)

Model United Nations (MUN), which is a simulation of the United Nations, gives students from Doha College the opportunity to develop their communication skills, their responsibility and their knowledge of current affairs.

Students attend local conferences, where they participate in the role play alongside their peers from other Qatar schools, as well as internationally, on a regular basis. However, the peak of the MUN calendar is the DCMUN conference hosted by Doha College with many other schools participating. This attracts around 600 delegates from year 9 upwards, as well as other administration staff, student officers and directors. Doha College worked hard to become THIMUN affiliated, meaning that the conference has official connections to The Hague International Model United Nations, and ultimately, the United Nations. For DCMUN V, the 2012 Conference, schools travelled from UAE, Argentina and Brazil. MUN conferences are generally two or three days in length, featuring heated debates and interesting discussions, as well as providing countless opportunities for socializing. The most common form of participation is normally in the role of a delegate; the task for these students is to represent a country within their committee. Speaking in debates is not for the promotion of their own personal views but to represent the foreign policy of their delegation. They are expected to research the issues before coming to the conference in order to make the debates more engaging and thus find meaningful solutions to real world problems. Doha College students are helped in following the debate’s formal style by the training they receive in the months leading up to the conference. The MUN club offers a wide range of other opportunities for those taking part besides those of a delegate. Administration staff are tasked with the essential jobs that make the conference possible – from preparing committee rooms to distributing food. The conference press team prepare newsletters before, after and during the conference, and take photos and videos of the days’ proceedings. Student officers’ duties are to chair the debates and try and ensure all delegates participate so that all sides of an argument are heard. Since MUN naturally fosters a sense of responsibility and organisation, there are clear progression paths for those students who are committed to the club. In their final years, experienced students may be given the opportunity to become part of the conference’s executive team, and help plan the proceedings. The emphasis is always that students take the lead in organising the conference rather than staff. The ultimate aim of Model United Nations is to harness the skill of those taking part in terms of student leadership, co-operation, and public speaking. It gives the future leaders of tomorrow the chance to find their voice now. For more information please visit our website, www.dcmun.org