Learning Support

At Doha College we would like ‘to enable personal growth, instil a passion for learning and create aspirational minds.’ and in order to achieve this vision we must be totally committed to providing the very best of opportunities for all students. The Learning Support Department has its own vision: ‘to enable all students to achieve their full potential through providing specialised support to meet individual needs’ and as a department we will strive to ensure that this is achieved.

At Doha College there will inevitably be a number of students who find it more difficult to keep up with the pace and expectations of such a high performing international school. Learning Support at Doha College values the contribution from each and every student and welcomes diversity of culture, religion and intellectual style. Each child is unique and has individual needs. They learn at different rates and reach milestones at different times and this process continues throughout lifelong learning.

In every class at school there will be children who may, at some time during their school years, have specific educational needs identified. These learning difficulties could be short or long term. Although this is the case, the Learning Support Department does not just work with students who have learning difficulties but also offers its help and support to a wide range of students without identified learning needs for various reasons.

The Doha College Learning Support team will work in partnership with parents to monitor their child’s development and, where there are concerns, take steps to help him/her to learn more effectively in order to maximise inclusion and opportunities for all students.

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