Inspections and Accreditations

Doha College’s vision is to enable personal growth, instil a passion for learning and create aspirational minds.

As part of our strategy towards meeting this vision, we seek accreditation from a number of independent educational bodies who assess and inspect the quality of teaching and learning and the standards of management and leadership at Doha College and provide a formal report on their findings.

These inspections provide assurance to parents that Doha College has met exceptional quality standards and any areas of improvement can be highlighted and targeted.

As always at Doha College we are keen for complete transparency, so please find below links to all our current inspection reports from our accredited bodies.

BSME Accreditation Report

CIS Accreditation Report

BSO Accreditation Report

COBIS Accreditation Summary Report


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COBIS is a membership association of British International Schools that represents quality assurance in member schools. The COBIS inspection covers the quality of the curriculum; the quality of teaching and learning; the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils; their welfare, health and safety; the suitability of the proprietor and staff; the school’s premises and accommodation; and the school's complaints procedures. An essential part of the inspection is considering the extent to which the British character of the school is evident in its ethos, curriculum, teaching and care for pupils and pupils’ achievements.

Doha College was the first school in Qatar to be awarded COBIS’ Patron’s Accreditation in 2017, and in May 2019 was also selected to become one of 11 COBIS training schools across the globe.


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As a global organisation, CIS helps schools access new international educational practices, gain recognition for accomplishments, attract qualified staff, facilitate student connections with leading universities around the world, and provide a quality international education experience to students and parents.

CIS International Certification is a process that leads to institutional change and school improvement, sharing and further developing the outcomes of a school’s work through a purposeful, collaborative network of diverse schools. Within the school, the process is characterised by project work that engages the whole school community in meaningful dialogue about the meaning of internationalism. At the same time, International Certification is designed to foster mutual support, communication, and collaboration between CIS Member Schools undertaking the process at the same time, so that schools can benefit from the strengths of the CIS community, share leading practices, and learn from each other’s unique communities and contexts.


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A voluntary inspection scheme for overseas schools run by the British Government that ensures schools provide their pupils with the skills and qualifications they need to enter or re-enter the British education system. The scheme helps to inform parents of how the standards in these schools measure up against the standards that apply to independent schools in England.


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British Schools in the Middle East provides a quality-assured network of schools helping Heads and Teachers share best practice and keep abreast of the latest educational developments. BSME runs its own Accreditation System, Annual Headteachers' Conferences, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme of over 100 courses per year and a range of inter school sports, music, arts and other events.


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HMC (the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference) is a professional Association of heads of the world’s leading independent schools.

HMC independent schools are internationally recognised as the world’s highest achieving schools. HMC is a kite mark of global quality, innovation and excellence in education.


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HPL is a global movement, working with both UK and international schools.. We work with school leaders to transform their schools, and with teachers to develop High Performance Learning in the classroom.

High Performance Learning is unique in that it is a proven, research-based, pedagogy-led approach, which relies on teachers and their professional capital to help schools make the gear change to become world class.


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IAPS is the Independent Association of Prep Schools, a renowned organisation of the world’s leading preparatory schools. This schools association has over 700 of the world’s leading prep schools in membership.
Schools must reach a very high standard to be eligible for membership, with strict criteria on teaching a broad curriculum, maintaining excellent standards of pastoral care and keeping staff members’ professional development training up-to-date.
Although each school is independent, and has its own ethos, each is committed to delivering an excellent, well-rounded education to the pupils in their care.