House System

Every student who attends Doha College is a member of a House which encourages a whole school, community approach and allows students to meet students across all year groups who belong to their House. There are numerous House competitions throughout the year, focusing not only on co-curricular but on all areas of the curriculum.

There are 6 houses which are all mythical creatures.

House Name House Logo
Dragon – Green Dragon logo
Griffin – Red Griffin logo
Phoenix – Blue Phoenix logo
Roc – Purple Roc logo
Salamander – Orange Salamander logo
Unicorn – Yellow Unicorn logo


House points are awarded throughout the year, recognising not only for academic success but also recognising sporting achievement, effort, attendance and good progress.

In Secondary, house certificates are awarded for reaching a certain number of house points and distributed during year group assemblies. Certificates for excellence and the Governor’s award are awarded at whole school assemblies at the end of each term. In Primary, house certificates are awarded to students at weekly assemblies where their achievements are celebrated.